Ramsey Mellette is an award-winning Director & Editor based in the Los Angeles area.

Ramsey began his career in filmmaking when he directed a small yet ambitious stop-motion Sci-Fi alien adventure called "Ramsey Makes His Escape!" on a shoestring budget of $742 dollars.  To his surprise and delight, this Super8 film was accepted into the Aspen Shortsfest where it charmed audiences and critics alike.  It was on the cold, cobblestone streets of Aspen where he bonded with a group of filmmakers who inspired him to apply to USC School of Cinematic Arts. 

Ramsey earned a Masters' in Film Production from USC and his thesis film "ROCK ON" garnered awards and accolades on the festival circuit. 

Ramsey's most notable works are "MY LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP," a scripted comedy for MTV, "THE CRAFT STORE," a workplace comedy set in the zany world of Arts & Crafts, "YOU USED TO BE CUTE," a short comedy starring Jonathan Lipnicki of the famous movie Jerry Maguire, and most recently Ramsey has begun work in the commercial realm; co-creating, directing, and editing a spot for Silicon Valley Start-up company, TIP'DOFF.

Ramsey also mixes sound for television, is an avid photographer, and eats every other meal at Chipotle. 


Ramsey edits most of the projects that he directs, but also works independently as an Editor for various clients.  

His passion for editing began in Film School where he edited 25 short films, all of varying subject matter.   He also served as Post Production Coordinator at the Marcia Lucas Post Production Facility.  This experience taught him how to troubleshoot and solve the myriad of technical issues that arise on most editing projects.  In the cable TV realm, Ramsey has worked in various capacities as an Assistant Editor on multiple shows.  

He is proficient in Avid, Final Cut Pro 7, and Adobe Premiere.  When Ramsey edits any project, he commits so strongly that he becomes a robot.